May 18

Lemons on sale

With the “Cherries” painting becoming quite a success I decided to continue down this path. This time I picked lemons as subject for my next canvas. While citruses did not inquired the great interest from my boys, like the 2 pounds bag with cherries, they are great for painting and I think the result came back positive.

Original Still Life by Veny

"Lemons" 2012 - Original Still Life by Veny

Yellow is warm color great for wall decoration and the “Lemons” piece fits the bill. It already generated great interest in my Etsy shop and I’m sure it will find a loving home soon. As always it done with finest acrylics on museum quality linen canvas stretched on kiln dried wooden bars. Dimensions are 24″ x 18″, 1½” deep , 61cm x 45cm. Linen is known for it’s long fiber that resists deterioration for at least 5 centuries and as much as 2,000 years with proper care.

This year my schedule is quite busy with 4 fine art exhibits on the horizon in the next 3 months, birthday party for Vince in May and hosting a French student for 3 weeks in the summer. I don’t even count all of the housework 

Until the next time keep on going!

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