Apr 22

Keyes Fine Art Festival

The Keyes Fine Arts festival in Milford NH is an established annual event in the first weekend of June that attracts hundreds of visitors. Local and traveling artist love to participate and the fee is moderate. As a member of Keyes Art group I was invited to show my art at the festival. Since I was showing my art mainly indoors I was in need of new 10×10 tent. My husband worked on the art display panels. My husband convinced me to get a portable credit card reader that works with his Android 2 phone so I can accept credit cards as a payment. This lately proved to be a killer idea.

boot setup done 2012 Keyes Art Festival Milford NH

Unfortunately the forecast was not on my side and called for heavy rain on Saturday and Sunday. Going back and forth I’ve decided to exhibit regardless of the weather. At least it did not rain on Friday evening when we set up the boot.
On Saturday it was different story. It was pouring and the forecast called for 4 inches of rain for the weekend. The rain on Saturday scared away any visitor. I had barely little over twenty people stopping at my boot. On the positive side this gave me a chance to chat with my colleagues Joan Tierney, Phil Bean, Bill Turner and Steve Previte who has vast art exhibits experience.
On my way home on Saturday afternoon I was debating whether to come back on Sunday or not. I did not see a reason to if rain continues at this paste. The next morning proved me wrong. The rain converted to light drizzle and the forecast called for improvement, even some sun in the afternoon. I went back to my boot and arranged all my paintings on the displays.

My boot jam packed on Sunday. People seem to like the art.

What a difference from Saturday. People started to show up after ten, and my boot was getting packet with sometimes 6 or more persons inside. My work “The Violins” received 2nd place award in the judged contest for acrylic paintings. I have received lots of compliments for my artworks and people seem to like my style.
This year Keyes Art Festival was fortunate to have Marsha Bush, award winning poet, as a special guest at the show this year. Marsha was looking at all exhibited art to choose one as the subject of a poem she wrote this weekend. For my great surprise Marsha choose my artwork “The Andalusian”. She read the poem on stage many people came by later to see the artwork that expired her.

up "The Violins" won second place in acrylics. Down Marsha Bush wrote a poem about "The Andalusian"

Later on I sold a painting to a customer that came all the way from Manchester NH. She loved my works so much that spent more than an hour choosing in between different paintings.
All the positive experience and comments about my art washed away the rain and all the inconveniences and charged my soul with energy to continue working the path I’ve chosen.

"Sail Away" on display at Frame Depot Milford Oval Milford NH

Until the next time keep on going!

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