Jul 06

Few Successful Weeks

The past few weeks were successful weeks for me and was able to start and complete some of the projects I had on my mind.

Tucked away  by Veny

Tucked away - acrylic on canvas by Veny

In “Tucked away” I have captured the tranquility of the nature surrounding our new home. Tucked away in the hills of Mason NH, the beautiful post and beam house compliments the untouched nature and hundreds of acres of conservation land that abuts our property. Waterfalls of wild flowers and berries, singing birds and hard working bees. My boys Vince and Eric are in heaven!

Silver frost - acrylic on canvas

Silver frost - acrylic on canvas by Veny

“Silver frost” is another project that was sitting in my mind for a while. I wanted to do something with leaves….and this is what came out. Silver-ish leaves that look frosted. I wanted this painting to express elegant cold…great in the hot summer days :)

Butterfly dance by Veny

Butterfly dance - acrylic on canvas by Veny

The idea for “Butterfly dance” came as I was working inside in my studio and watching my two and a half years old son playing outside on a sunny day in June. Eric loves flies of any kind, bugs and especially butterflies. He chases them around the yard sometimes for hours, attracted by their wild, sun brighten colors like hypnotized. It seems that butterflies enjoy the “catch me” game as they let him get close and then as he thinks he got them they take off and dance around him. It is really funny when two or even three butterflies get around Eric and he could not decide which one to follow.

I was able to get all 5 new paintings uploaded to my website which completes the cycle!All contents © copyright 2010-2013 ARTbyVENY.com

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