I am back

I am back to blogging. It is been quite a summer. We’ve host a French student for 3 weeks in July. My 3.5 and 5 years old boys adored Calixte. She brought a piece of French culture I admire and always wanted to expose my boys to. We traveled a lot to show Calixte around New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Boston; we even made it to New York City. Our guest loved US so much that she brought the American flag back home. One day, who knows we may return the visit to France… 0 
Beside the landscaping projects and all the house work I have completed handful of painting projects. One of them was custom order from friend of mine for their new sun room addition. She left me the freedom to choose the subject of the painting. I was thinking of something abstract, but finally decided on a mix between still art and figurative. Her daughter plays violin and this gave me the idea for the artwork. 0 

Art Commision by Veny

“The Violin Call” Original Art Commission by Veny

My friend loves it and her family did too. They called me to tell me how much my art compliments the sun room and it became a focal point of the sun drenched room.
Here is how it is looking hanged on the wall in my friend’s sun-room. I hope my art inspires the violin players in the house to play more wonderful music.

 Custom Art by Veny_Customer Image

Customer Image of “The Violin Call” by Veny

Until next time, keep on going!
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