Pick your own apples

As every year in the past I went apple picking in September with my boys to a local farm in Mason, New Hampshire. The day was gorgeous, warm with plenty of sunlight. One of the workers on the farm told us that the apples are early this year because of the dry weather and lots of hot summer days. I’ve explained to the boys that they have to be gentle with the trees as plants are living things to be cared for and respected, not abused, and the farmer feeds his family and pays his bills from the well-being of these plants!  0 

 Original Still Life by ArtbyVeny

“Apple Picking” 2012 Original Still Life by Veny

Two hours later we had about 10 pounds of fresh from the trees apples in old wooden box we’ve picked up at a flea market earlier this year. I had to paint this on canvas and I hope it came out well.

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