Shell Whisper

“Into the shell
I whispered near
the Secret only
I could hear
The churning burning
The fire lit truth
The yearning earning
a place wrapped in youth
The strapped in stirrings
The trapped in lurings
All slowly whispered
Into the Shell”

…Inside the Seashell… Poetry by Carole Anzolletti.

"Shell Whisper" 2013 Commissioned Art by Veny

“Shell Whisper” 2013 Commissioned Art by Veny

Lovely words, truly beautiful and inspirational. I found lots of inspiration in Carole’s shell poem for my next custom work. For me painting and poetry goes well together like a motion picture and music. They bound well together…

“Shell Whisper” is acrylic on 12″ x 16″ linen canvas commissioned art. I have done it for my best friend birthday.

Happy 30-th Daniella! The wonderful journey just begins!
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