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The Impact of Mixed Media Projects on Paintings

Acrylic Paintings on Canvas

Usually mixed media projects are categorized as Postmodernist. However, since Postmodernism tends to be a little bit vulgar, most artists prefer to call themselves modernists. The digital era has forever changed the Art, and paintings as well. Digital images, digital portrays, digital landscape images, digital photography, and digital editing are all part of the modern world. Today a digital image can be directly “painted” on a canvas. Some painters use such techniques in combination with oil, acrylic, and watercolor paints. It is not uncommon for a painting to be partially digital.

Collages are very interesting addition to the mixed media project family. Some collages have photography and 3-D objects in addition to paint. A person’s photo can be digitally put on a canvas. Artists can use such images only to enhance their paintings, or as a centerpiece.

Works of Master Painters

Jim McNitt is one of the masters of combining digital image editing with oils and acrylics. One of his most popular paintings is Arc Angel. This is a new painting created in 2009. It represents a big ship with two giraffes on board. Next to the ship is standing of very tall archangel, who is actually taller than the ship itself.

High Quality Acrylic Paintings

When mixed media paintings are created, many times, an artist would like to use oil paints. One thing to keep in mind is that the oil paints need to be applied last. This is inconsistence with the Fat over Lean oil painting technique. Oil paints dry in a unique way. During the process of drying, they change. First of all, they absorb moisture from the upper layers. Second, during the drying process they may expand. As a result the upper layers will crack. This is not true for acrylics. They dry out very fast, and they will not cause the upper layers to crack and ruin the painting.

Another fine example of mixed media projects is the work of Jane Frank. One of her most famous paintings is Untitled, and it was created in 1963. The painting now belongs to a private collection. There’s a wide variety of media that this painting combines – glass, crushed graphite, canvas collage, oils, and driftwood.

Many contemporary art styles exist, and mixing different media has opened a brand new door for exploring art and painting. The mixed media painting style is appropriate for both beginners and advanced artists. Mixing things up will help a beginner choose his or her path. On the other hand, an advanced artist can display a very wide variety of perfected styles in just one painting.

Some artists enjoy combining wax with their paintings. Others prefer painting with wax as their primary medium. Such mixed media is very hard to create and requires a lot of patience.

Mixed media paintings are not accepted by everybody. The reason for that is their Modernistic style. However, there are so many different approaches to mixed media that a person will be able to find a work of art that suits his or her style.

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