Jan 07

Streets of Venice

From the ancient buildings with the colorful flower boxes and peeling paint to the beautiful, elaborate, well maintained churches to the bridges connecting the many waterways, this city has a definite romantic flair.
Streets of Venice. What’s more romantic then being in Venice with someone you love and being loved in return. Take a gondola ride right before the sunset when the light is soft and reach in gold tones on the street of Venice. I was trying to capture this feeling and paint it on a canvas….

Cityscape Art by Veny Street in Venice II

Street in Venice II by Veny

During my two weeks trip to Venice in 2007 I gathered lots of impressions. Some of them I used in my paintings and others are still on the project table.
Venice is a unique city. There is no chance that anything like it will ever be built again. Venice is also a congested, overpriced, kitsch ridden tourist trap. It is also the most beautiful, imaginative, awe inspiring place I have traveled to.

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