The Nest

Bringing the outdoors in by decorating with bird nests is awesome idea. There is nothing that represents spring more than signs of new life, but if you don’t want to introduce bird poop and parasites in your house you can settle for artwork representing a bird nest. “The nest” in a box is painted with acrylic mediums on 9″ x 12″ stretched linen canvas and it is available for sale on or in my etsy shop. 0 

"The Nest" 2013 Original Still Life Art by Veny

“The Nest” 2013 Original Still Life Art by Veny

If you love refreshing your decor for spring, if you finally become exhausted of the muted colors of winter and can’t wait to add some spark to your home you have lots of choices. Like many of you I do too love to decorate with items from nature. One of my favorite colorful spring decorations is a last year abandoned bird’s nest with bright blue robin’s eggs inside. Not the real eggs as they are long gone, but fake robin’s eggs can be made or bought very easily, making for a fun, fast and beautiful centerpiece or accent decoration in your home.

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